dashmark prototyle version released


dashmark is conceptual book mark application featuring brand new web browser Safari 3.1.

dashmark demonstrate how Safari 3.1’s new function named “CSS Animation” and “Client-side database storage” make our web experience better. dashmark store bookmark information on SQLite database handled by Safari. And many operation is decorated by CSS Animation.

Client-side database storage’s maxim quota is 500MB. Small bookmark information (uid, title, url, label, star, created and modified date) is able to be stored million or over. This huge storage will bring us many things.

And more, CSS Animation is great function. In fact that, animated interface is not first for us, but I’d want to say “Making interface based on CSS Animation is great experience”.

Anyway, please look following movie. Is that small? YouTube link is YouTube – dashmark prototype demo movie.


How to use?

  1. Drag bookmarklet link to bookmark bar or your favorite place. Bookmarklet link is left top of dashmark page.
  2. When you want stick bookmark at particular site, click bookmarklet. dashmark will appear like as Dashboard on your looking website. And new bookmark is placed left top. You can stick new bookmark to favorite place with drag’n drop. And double click or type “Enter” open bookmark editor. After edit, click background makes to finish bookmark editing.
  3. When you type 0, 1 ~ 5 key, you can set “Stars” on bookmark like iPhoto.
  4. Typing Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U and I set colored label to bookmark like Finder.
  5. Shift + Delete key removes selected bookmark.
  1. When you launch dashmark which site has bookmark before, you’ll see old bookmark on that site.

After this prototype…

I want implement some more goodies on dashmark.

  • Post bookmark to social bookmark services.
  • Support TAGs.
  • Search function is necessary.
  • Animated, graphical sort.
  • Show relation between bookmarks.


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by Taiyo.


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