StoryBundle by SFWA

SFWA(Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America) started a campaign with StoryBundle.

The SFWA Science Fiction Bundle

Pricing $5 to $15, you’ll get below 6 titles including my contributed Haikasoru’s mini anthology SAIENSU FIKUSHON.

  • Saiensu Fikushon 2016 by TOBI Hirotaka, Toh Enjoe and Taiyo Fujii
  • Borrowed Tides by Paul Levinson
  • The Weave by Nancy Jane Moore
  • Truck Stop Earth by Michael A. Armstrong
  • Children of Arkadia by M. Darusha Wehm
  • Beyond the Gates by Catherine Wells

And if you priced over $15, you’ll get below bonus books.

  • Unidentified Funny Objects Edited by Alex Shvartsman
  • Factoring Humanity by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Strangers Among Us Edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law
  • Tech Heaven by Linda Nagata
  • The Burning Eye by John F. Carr
  • The Leaves of October by Don Sakers

Thanks for all, president of SFWA Cat Rambo for organizing this great campaign, StoryBundle for operating, every author for providing their works, and Haikasoru to grant me to join on this campaign.

Take a look Toe Enjoe, TOBI Hirotaka and my short form stories on SAIENSU FIKUSHON.

Candidate list for Seiun Award

Federation of Science Fiction Fan Groups of Japan (FSFFGJ) published candicate list for 48th Seiun Award 2017.  Then I show 2 translated awards on this blog.

2017 48th Seiun Award

Winner of Seiun Award is used to be presented at Japan SF Convention and trophy is served on WorldCon (I’m going to be presenter at there). But 56th Japan SF Convention is held after WorldCon 75, then those both translated award will be published bit earlier than usually.

Let me and Mr. Tatsumi present your trophy at Helsinki!

Translated Novel

  • United States of Japan, by Peter Tieryas @TieryasXu
  • Jack Vance Treasury 1 (Magnus Ridolph), by Jack Vance
  • The Grace of Kings, by Ken Liu @kyliu99
  • Roderick, by John Sladek
  • The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, by Claire @clairenorth42
  • Imperial Radch trilogy, by Ann Leckie @ann_leckie
  • Enchanted Night, by Steven Millhauser @StevenMillhauser

Translated Short Form

  • Seventh Sight, by Greg Egan @gregeganSF
  • The Day the World Turned Upside Down, Thomas Olde Heuvelt @Thomas_Novelist
  • Backward, Turn Backward, by James Tiptree Jr.
  • The Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz, by Dan Simmons
  • The Deathbird, by Harlan Ellison
  • Simulacrum, by Ken Liu @kyliu99

Finished Mac Magazine serials Tales of Bitten Apple

On May issue of MacFan -Japanese historic Mac Magazine-, my short-story serial work Tales of Bitten Apple is finished.  Thanks for supporting this serial work, great illustrator @LittleTomboy, editor Kawana, and all staffs of MacFan.  And thanks for all readers.

I’m going to show the list of short-story works with illustration.

1st: Genius on airplane

First tale of this serial start with announce “Is there Apple Genious on this plane?”.  Odd number work is set in 2023, and reader could looking back current Apple gadget with nostalgia.   Name of protagonist is Hachiya, who is farmer Apple Genius of Ginza store.  On this tale, he should help himself from hijacking with jail breaking  iPhone runs VXWorks to access his boarding Boeing 787.

2nd: Lady stands on Safari

Even works are setting in today.  Prodatonist is Apple gadget reseller Jumbo.  On thi s tale, he bring rifle shooting helper app and drones for famous model lady came from Ethiopia.  Jumbo saw gold watch on her wrist…

3rd: That iPhone 5

Friend of Hachiya, Toby brought an iPhone 5 for Hachiya’s Apple maintenance store at Ho Chi Ming. Toby told that “You could see this iPhone on CNN.” with inviting a lady who couldn’t won president election in 2016.

“Yes, this is the one, she handled e-mail.”
4th: Failing Product

Jumbo was stopped at a certain village on the Crimea Peninsula, and saw classic iMac flower-power on lobby of hotel.

5th: Mac Enthusiast at Bangkok

A lady came to Hachiya’s shop at Bangkok,  and brought Mac Cube.  Hachiya saw a repair tape on weak power button of that Cube.  That tape is sticked by himself.

6th: That Value, Near Zero

7th: Heines’s Camera

8th: Brute force

Jumbo saw his friend is developping a finger tapping robot to post fake reviews at Chinese town.

9th: Drawing a light

10th: With a handle

11th: New regulation

Hachiya was brought to a wharf of Singapore, and saw a white container which was kicked back from London at Brexit day.

12th: Dead farm

13th: Monster had gone

14th: Archery with single arm, and single…

15th: Polish, polish and polish

16th: Making his lie to be true

17th: Old iPhone

18th: Archive America

19th: Bye bye, Mac

Pentacolore Revolution

Contributed a novellete PENTACOLORE REVOLUTION for Japanese literature magazine Shosetsu Gendai.

In 2019, I woke up and found his staying hotel in Bangkock was surrounded by the Red shirts Demo, which should be arrived 4 days later, many source said.  Bangkock was lockouted and was occupied by four organizations with different color flags.  Red farmers, blue citizenship party, orange monks and green army.  I decided to stay in hotel until safe route for airport was found…


This is personally romance style story set in near future, based on my experience in 2010 Thailand Red shirts Demo.  On that days, I faced many difficulties with discussing about politics with our employee staffs in Bangkock.  7 years ago, I only confused why my staff did not care seriously farmland people’s demo.

Now, after Tramp presidency started, I might got an answer, and wrote this small story.  I hope PENTACOLORE REBOLUTION to be translated in English in future.



Thanks for all your celebration words for my second novel ORBITAL CLOUD publication.  Launch date was in 21st March, 2017.

And today, VIS Media disclosed interview by my editor Nick Mamatas.

As I told this interview, I wrote about my friends on this novel.  Protagonist is based on wild space geek and of-course my friend Isana Kashiwai,  and villain’s skills are based on mine.  I started to write this novel in 2012, not published my first novel Gene Mapper on Kindle, then I was not a writer on that time by external view.  It was started from so-callled wannabe work, and might be finished as so.   If my editor Satoshi Ide belongs to Hayakawa-Shobo didn’t made it professional work.

First publication of ORBITAL CLOUD was hot collaboration with Ide.  He ordered me to cut 30% of first draft (256,000 words in English) in 3 weeks.  On this cut, I removed 4 characters based on my experience with suggestion by Ide.  That made novel to be sharp.  Ide felt those chapter was so “sweet”.

2nd publication is Japanese paperback edition, it is called 文庫:Bunko (means literature archive).  Editor Shiozawa offered me to cut several  “dens ex machina” and character to character evaluation.  Character should show their talent, behavior and conflicts on their action by themselves, not dialogue by another ones.

And now,  I got final editor Nick Mamatas and translator Timothy Silver.  I’m not good English reader but I read through my re-born novel in 4 days, it made me so surprised.  They made real page turner novel based on my work, with strong respect for original work.  Many parts keeps original paragraphs, and changes are done for only necessary parts.

Thanks for all great editors.

I promise you to enjoy ORBITAL CLOUD.