Sasquan report (in progress…)

I’ve joined on 73’s WorldCon Sasquan and read, discussed, told and collaborated with many peoples as following schedule.

Items in which Taiyo Fujii participates

20th, Aug

I read my first English translated book “Gene Mapper” which was published 16, June (yap, it’s blooms-day!) for 7 audience.  I read chapter 1 in English paragraph and read original Japanese ones alternately, introduce plot, and then read chapter 3 in English. Ch-3 is my most favourite scene where Yagodo appears with dog avatar, and shows Internet-sunk Gene Mapper world clearly.

Reading mark on Gene Mapper
Reading mark on Gene Mapper

I’m not good English reader then I marked up on my book for supporting my reading.  And I trained with supporting Alex you know (if you are Mac user).  I hope audience enjoyed well.

By the way, reading is not popular in Japan.  My first reading event was held in 3 days before 16th, Aug at Borderlands Books at San Francisco with Michael J . Martinez (@mikemartinez72).  I don’t know the reason why Japanese don’t have reading event.  We have table talk discussion event with readers, critics and another authors at store to promote books, but not read.  If we Japanese heard 朗読(Rou-doku / reading), we imagine pure literature event to read masterpiece.

After those 2 reading, I became to wish to have more reading event.

21, Aug


22, Aug


23, Aug


Orbital Cloud won Japan SF Grand Prize

My 2nd SF novel “Orbital Cloud” won 35th Japan SF Grand Prize, co-winner was Satoshi Hase’s short stories “My Humanity” and service award was sent for Kazumasa Hirai who wrote WOLFGUY series and many other important works for Japanese SF genre.

35th Japan SF Grand Prize (SFWJ official)
Japan SF Grand Prize(Nihon SF Taisho) -wikipedia
Kazumasa Hirai -wikipedia

Japan SF Grand Prize was started in 1980 by SFWJ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan) supported by publisher Tokuma-Shoten.  2nd last year, Tokuma finished their support, then SFWJ owe and operate this historical award by themselves.

At this 35th award, 198 works submitted by common, and SFWJ members vote for them, and finally 5 works nominated.

  • Novel, Dare-ni misho-tote aithor: Hiroe Suga
  • Novelas, Hoshi-wo tsukuru monotachi author: Koshu Tani
  • Literary critic, Kita-no Souzou-ryoku contributor: Akira Okawada
  • Short stories, My Humanity author: Satoshi Hase
  • Novel, Orbital Cloud author: Taiyo Fujii

Nominated books for Amazon:

Japan SF Grand Prize does not handle only novels but also critic, anime, movie, comic and fact which made us to feel sense of wonder. I’m glad for winning my novel and glad for co-winning short stories book My Humanity.  In these award, novel has advantage because one theme and message is simple.  But Satoshi Hase’s several type of works were evaluated as award.

Satoshi wrote great short stories in 2014.  Not only masterpiece “Father’s time” and “allo, toi, toi” in My Humanity, “Bavel” in “Nova+” was so excellent.  I’m glad his harvest full short stories year was celebrated by this award. Satoshi, Congrats!

Of course cosmetic(!) SF novel Dare-ni misho-tote and solar system development stories Hoshi-wo tsukuru monotachi were important and good entertainment work, I’d like to show one critic work is nominated.

This large literary critic was wrote by number of Japanse SF critics, writers, novelists about Japanese northern prefecture Hokkaido literature. Young ,cutting critic Akira Okawada contributed over 20 essays about Hokkaido literature with speculative fictional perspective.  This was large and important work for Japanese SF history.  I proud this work and this book was submitted and nominated onto this award by Japanese SF readers and SFWJ members to show our wider perspective.

Anyway, my first english translated novel “Gene Mapper” is coming.  I’d like to enjoy you in June!

Orbital Cloud Won 9th mystery ranking

My 2nd SF novel “Orbital Cloud” won 9th ranking of Weekly Bunshun Best 10 Mystery 2014. Thanks for professional mystery readers who vote for me.

Weekly Bunshun Best 10 Mystery 2014

In Japan, there are several mystery novel ranking, and Weekly Bunshun Best 10 Mystery has longest history of them, since 1977. I’m very glad that my SF recorded on this ranking. Though I compose Orbital Cloud as thriller, theme of It is space development, fanatic description for gadgets covers whole and I hope readers feel the sense of wonder. Orbital Cloud is SF novel, but submitter of these mystery ranking recommended it as “mystery entertainment”. Thanks for their capabilities.

Craig Mod “Our days book”

Voyager Japan, Inc send me a coming beautiful book wrote by Graig ModOur Days Book” translated by Takeshi Higuchi and Kei Ohara. Press release is below.

Inquiring how paper book and ebook should stand by. Craig Mod “Our days book” is going to be published by Voyager Japan, Inc in December 15th , 2014 Press release from Voyager Japan, Inc.

LCD Glowing iPad stands align beside traditional books at night, this is cover image of this book. Book title and LCD are printed with opaque white ink on fabric-like blue cover paper without coatings. No commercial massages, no price and no barcode blocks on book body. “Primitive book” was my first word as I see “Our Days Book”.

Most Japanese book was covered by CMYK printed and coated cover paper, and ISBN barcode block sits on top-left position of backside. This killing design format is not officially required by bookstore nor wholesale channel, but almost of all books follow. Mod and Voyager team hack it. “Our Days Book” is designed minimally. Well considered 2-color printed cover shows title, author and beautiful illustration what this book is.

This books is about how paper book and ebook stand in our days. Mod’s agitation for us is hack books, composed by 7 essays written since 2007.

“Hacking” is not suitable words for literature, and I don’t like literature guys to use these tech words like as post modern critics uses scientific words emotionally. But Mod and his team are the suitable ones to say “Hack books”.

Mod doesn’t describe what proper noun are on his book. Instead to write who/what is this, he wrote searchable word. We can google them w/ my handset. Mod wrote as “Cover images are favicon” on ebook platform. Just like these minimal words. For us who are familiar to Kindle, cover = favicon idea is smooth to understand. Mod told that their team “created repository of git” just as we git. Mod did SEO, tweet, like, kickstarter as we do.

And he made many type of books. Good looking paper booklet, small Apps, NewsStand contents and Flipboard. All of these are book.

My favorite essay is that Mod made a 3kg paper book contains dense history of development of Flipboard, how team ran. I was moved he printed first commit log of git repository on cover. How we live in harvest-full days of books are getting new position.

Mod tells us that we already have power to hack books on this book.

Publisher Voyager is going to have event of this book.


I fear if this translation is not better than Google’s…

on IP 2.0 board

I got upon panel discussion at IP 2.0 symposium had by KADOKAWA ASCII Research Lab.  This “IP” is a abbreviation of intellectual property, not standing for Internet Protocol :), and a purpose of IP 2.0 is to consider around changing IP world for next decades.  Another member of discussion are Tsugu-hiko Kadokawa president of KADOKAWA, KADOKAWA-DOWANO president Nobuo Kawakami, JAIDA director Yu-chi Tanaka.  ASCII reported about this panel discussion – KADOKAWA・DWANGO川上会長、「機械が作った著作物」に期待:IP2.0シンポジウムで著作権法と知的財産権の未来を考える .

I propose IP 2.0 board to consider “Machine made IP”, which is my writing theme on first commercial short story “Collaboration”.  Emergence of intelligence is coming soon enough, and my interest is how human stand for A.I. supported society.

For thinking deeply, I started to learn word2vec.

update of writing life

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