Mystery Book ranking picked “Orbital Cloud”

My second novel “Orbital Cloud” got 14th position on mystery nobel ranking Mystery ga yomi-tai! carried by Mystery Magazine Jan,2105 published by Hayakawa Shobo.
Japanese mystery genre are not same with English world, it contains not only detective stories but covers thriller, adventure, espionage and SF like my “Orbital Cloud”.

I’m glad mystery readers voted for my 2nd wrote novel, and voted for self-publishing debut author.
I published “Gene Mapper” in 2012 when Kindle Direct Publishing started in Japan, and debut with rewrote edition “Gene Mapper -full build-” published by Hayakawa Shobo in 2013.

This way, self to commercial publishing debut is upcoming process in Japan. On “Mystery ga yomi-tai” ranking, I found an another self-publishing debut author Yashiro Toichino and his debut work “Ghost ≠ Noise (reduction)”. I congratulate to be cited by Japanese mystery readers.


Short story “Tropical Night” for Cyberpunk anthology

On “Raku-en Tsui-ho rewired -Cyberpunk anthology-” by Gen Urobuchi and Nozomi Omori, my short story “Tropical night” appeared. I wrote this SS for SF-Con Japan anthology “Natsu -iro no Souzou-ryoku” in this August.

Anthology “Raku-en Tsui-ho rewired” collects 8 cyberpunk short stories which inspire Urobuchi-san to write script of animation movie “Rakuen Tsuiho“. 4 of these SS are Japanese author’s work. My SS “Tropic Night” is about quantum computing brings us for next world.



My latest novella “NO PARADOX” appeared on Japanese newly-written SF anthology “NOVA+ Babel” by Nozomi Omori published from Kawade Shobo Shinsha.

Contributors are  Miyuki Miyabe, Ryoue Tsukimura, Taiyo Fujii, Yusuke Miyauchi, Mado Nozaki, Denpo Torhisima, Satoshi Hase and Toh Enjo.  All are cutting edge authors in Japanese SF scene and all works on Nova+ are called as best short story in 2014.  I hope these are introduced in English.

My “NO PARADOX” is time-machine story.  In 23th century when past-going wormhole Time Machine was commodity, time travel company owner found his client was in his time-ice chamber and killed.  When he murdered, which worlds’ police arrest and why he was killed…

Build clean EPUB3 from Markdown

When an author decided to make Japanese EPUB3, I propose to build EPUB3 file with Den-Den-Converter which is provided by Densho-channel.

Just another ‘Markdown to EPUB 3′ converter

Den-Den-Converter is web-sevice to provide original markdown format called “Den-Den-Markdown“.  User only need to upload markdown text and image files, and will get valid EPUB3 suitable to Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and another EPUB book seller platform.  Of course, Den-Den-Converter supports Japanese vertical typesetting styles, ruby, emphasis dot, rotating characters and so.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 19.53.32Densho-chan released web-editor “Den-Den-Editor” also.  User can preview EPUB on supported web-browser with using BiB/i, which is best EPUB reader system for Japanese EPUB on web.

BiB/i EPUB Reader on your website

Den-Den-Converter made many books and some of them were picket up by commercial publisher.  Today, I was tolled baseball novel “Angel Ball“, which is made with Den-Den-Converter will be published as paper book in next spring. Congrats!

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