Pentacolore Revolution

Contributed a novellete PENTACOLORE REVOLUTION for Japanese literature magazine Shosetsu Gendai.

In 2019, I woke up and found his staying hotel in Bangkock was surrounded by the Red shirts Demo, which should be arrived 4 days later, many source said.  Bangkock was lockouted and was occupied by four organizations with different color flags.  Red farmers, blue citizenship party, orange monks and green army.  I decided to stay in hotel until safe route for airport was found…


This is personally romance style story set in near future, based on my experience in 2010 Thailand Red shirts Demo.  On that days, I faced many difficulties with discussing about politics with our employee staffs in Bangkock.  7 years ago, I only confused why my staff did not care seriously farmland people’s demo.

Now, after Tramp presidency started, I might got an answer, and wrote this small story.  I hope PENTACOLORE REBOLUTION to be translated in English in future.



Thanks for all your celebration words for my second novel ORBITAL CLOUD publication.  Launch date was in 21st March, 2017.

And today, VIS Media disclosed interview by my editor Nick Mamatas.

As I told this interview, I wrote about my friends on this novel.  Protagonist is based on wild space geek and of-course my friend Isana Kashiwai,  and villain’s skills are based on mine.  I started to write this novel in 2012, not published my first novel Gene Mapper on Kindle, then I was not a writer on that time by external view.  It was started from so-callled wannabe work, and might be finished as so.   If my editor Satoshi Ide belongs to Hayakawa-Shobo didn’t made it professional work.

First publication of ORBITAL CLOUD was hot collaboration with Ide.  He ordered me to cut 30% of first draft (256,000 words in English) in 3 weeks.  On this cut, I removed 4 characters based on my experience with suggestion by Ide.  That made novel to be sharp.  Ide felt those chapter was so “sweet”.

2nd publication is Japanese paperback edition, it is called 文庫:Bunko (means literature archive).  Editor Shiozawa offered me to cut several  “dens ex machina” and character to character evaluation.  Character should show their talent, behavior and conflicts on their action by themselves, not dialogue by another ones.

And now,  I got final editor Nick Mamatas and translator Timothy Silver.  I’m not good English reader but I read through my re-born novel in 4 days, it made me so surprised.  They made real page turner novel based on my work, with strong respect for original work.  Many parts keeps original paragraphs, and changes are done for only necessary parts.

Thanks for all great editors.

I promise you to enjoy ORBITAL CLOUD.


Andrew Liptak posted a good introduction of my upcoming translation ORBITAL CLOUD for The VERGE with excerpt of full prologue.


On this article, preview of cover art is disclosed.  Publisher Haikasoru respected Japanese original edition’s image, which both are photo took at International Space Station.  I love those, letting me feel we live in the fragile globe.


Serials for Mac Magazine

I’ve started short story serials titled TALES of BITTEN APPLE on paper magazine “Mac Fan“.  In Japan, traditional paper magazines are surviving in several genre.  One of the longest survivor is Mac Fan which is launched in 1993.  Beautiful A4 magazine delivers not only Macs but also iPhone, iPad and another Apple’s news, but had not shared pages for fiction until my serials started during 23 years.

Mac Fan shared me a spread pages, which contains only 3,000 letters ( almost 1,500 words ).  It is short for my dense information style, but I guess that genre speciality magazine readers allow gadget words, and decided to start.  It is not necessary to describe how new iPhone model is, how Apple Pay works, and how Mac is far differ PCs or Windows.

Stories share main character and complete in each articles.  Odd number’s stories are set in 2025, and main character is Hachiya, who were Genius of Apple Store GINZA.  His friend brings clients and to offer him to fix old Apple products.  Because Hachiya stories are set in 2015, iPhone 6 could be handled with nostalgia.  Even number’s stories are set in these days, and main character is Jumbo, who is illegal trader handles Apple products.  I don’t have idea to connect Jumbo and Hachiya stories in future.  Even Hachiya setting are 2020, these works are not science fiction. 1st episode is like that …

When Hachiya got Malaysia airline to go San Fransisco to sell restored dozen of iPhone 6s for “old” Apple products fans, an announce froze him.
“Is there … on plane, Is there an Apple Genius on plane?”  And air martial stood in side of him, and whispered “This plane is hijacked, by old Apple phone… iPhone.  Come with me”…

Illustrator of this serials is 灯夢 (Tom) who belongs to DIGITALNOISE which is solution provider for comic artists in Japan.  I love her picture book style illustration.

I hope TALES OF BITTEN APPLE to translated in English in future.

Higher royalty than sales price

Amazon goes lower price elsewhere policy with e-books, and fixed royalty rates in Japan.  These 2 policies make some publisher company and self-publishers to earn higher royalty than sales price which is matched with competitor store by Amazon.

Amazon pays royalty by fixed rates of registered list price.  The rate could be differ from publisher company who contract directory is closed by parties but rate for KDP is known, as you may know, 35%.  (In Japan, moving 70% rate is limited for KDP select).  Both this fixed royalty and “lower price elsewhere” policy of Amazon make them to pay higher royalty than their sales.

If a KDP author set $5 for a book, royalty per book sales is $1.75.  And when this author set $1 on Rakuten Kobo for campaign, Amazon sell this book by $1 and pays $1.75 royalty for this author.  Amazon pays $0.75 back spread from their pocket.  What a trick!  And when large publisher which has thousands backlist did same way, Amazon should pay millions dollar for back spread.

A news, “$0.099 e-comic sales earns $1,170,000 royalty” tells that a comic author got 1.3 million dollar royalty with super cheap $0.099 comic sales campaign in Kobo.  If all royalty are earned with Kobo, number of purchase should be 26 million, but it is too much considering number of Kobo users.  During this sales, price of Kindle comic are set same with Kobo, $0.099, then I guess 1.17 million royalty are paid by Amazon by collected with list price of his comics.  Amazon might pay $1 or higher royalty for $0.099 per sales.

I didn’t care if a publisher company or self-publisher get royalty from Amazon who pays out of their pocket, even if publisher know, and I also don’t sympathise with Amazon’s Catch 22 situation which they made themselves.  These are their business.  But if publisher had a plan to earning with back spread is planned AS BUSINESS, I will not rely on this publisher.  And if this type of “business”, digital goods business habit will face serious moral consideration.

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