Ad network preinstalled iPhone

An interesting report from @mazzo (Koya Matsuo), that tells Japanese phone seller installs Ad network bookmark on new iPhone 5 on contracting counter.

I saw the dark-side of phone where installs affiliate network bookmarks on Home on my new iPhone 5 shop in Japan

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It’s not first report to tell phone shop installs Ad network bookmarks on smartphone, SoftBank’s shop did (and probably doing) not only iPhone but also Androids.  These shop installs Profile called “AGENT CONFIG” or other name, to install bookmarks of ad network or social network affiliate.

Officially, mobile carrier SoftBank and au don’t propose to install these URLs, but anyway they ignore shops to do.

However I don’t have idea if Apple’s distribution agreement of iPhone allows to add another Ad network on customer’s device, it may not be granted.  And as a customer, I define this installing Ad network as abused.

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