Finished Mac Magazine serials Tales of Bitten Apple

On May issue of MacFan -Japanese historic Mac Magazine-, my short-story serial work Tales of Bitten Apple is finished.  Thanks for supporting this serial work, great illustrator @LittleTomboy, editor Kawana, and all staffs of MacFan.  And thanks for all readers.

I’m going to show the list of short-story works with illustration.

1st: Genius on airplane

First tale of this serial start with announce “Is there Apple Genious on this plane?”.  Odd number work is set in 2023, and reader could looking back current Apple gadget with nostalgia.   Name of protagonist is Hachiya, who is farmer Apple Genius of Ginza store.  On this tale, he should help himself from hijacking with jail breaking  iPhone runs VXWorks to access his boarding Boeing 787.

2nd: Lady stands on Safari

Even works are setting in today.  Prodatonist is Apple gadget reseller Jumbo.  On thi s tale, he bring rifle shooting helper app and drones for famous model lady came from Ethiopia.  Jumbo saw gold watch on her wrist…

3rd: That iPhone 5

Friend of Hachiya, Toby brought an iPhone 5 for Hachiya’s Apple maintenance store at Ho Chi Ming. Toby told that “You could see this iPhone on CNN.” with inviting a lady who couldn’t won president election in 2016.

“Yes, this is the one, she handled e-mail.”
4th: Failing Product

Jumbo was stopped at a certain village on the Crimea Peninsula, and saw classic iMac flower-power on lobby of hotel.

5th: Mac Enthusiast at Bangkok

A lady came to Hachiya’s shop at Bangkok,  and brought Mac Cube.  Hachiya saw a repair tape on weak power button of that Cube.  That tape is sticked by himself.

6th: That Value, Near Zero

7th: Heines’s Camera

8th: Brute force

Jumbo saw his friend is developping a finger tapping robot to post fake reviews at Chinese town.

9th: Drawing a light

10th: With a handle

11th: New regulation

Hachiya was brought to a wharf of Singapore, and saw a white container which was kicked back from London at Brexit day.

12th: Dead farm

13th: Monster had gone

14th: Archery with single arm, and single…

15th: Polish, polish and polish

16th: Making his lie to be true

17th: Old iPhone

18th: Archive America

19th: Bye bye, Mac

This post is also available in: 日本語

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