Moving layer onto tabbed file in Photoshop

While CS4 or so, I don’t remember when tabbed window implemented on Photoshop correctly , I miss moving layer between files when those are combined with tab.

Since Photoshop 3.0 (not CS3), layer symbol on layer pallet was drag-able object to drop another file window. But at CS4, when tab combine window implemented, layer symbol had never drop for another tabbed file, even can drop for independent file window.
Though, spec of layer symbol was not changed, but just kept, I felt annoy to tear off window from combined window and move layer and combine window back. And I though “It’s usual for Adobe software. look Flash CS. Though annoy, anything reduced”.

For a while years later, I met CS6 and was mentioned that my thought was wrong by Photoshop to go singular window interface.

Yes, I was wrong.
Layer SYMBOL is not capable for dragging on another file, but layer ARTWORK on document viewer is capable with object move tool(V).

With holding shift-key, preserved position layer cloning works, mouse hover around tab changes active tabbed pane, and linked layers are supported also.

Just only latest CS don’t support layer SYMBOL transporting between files.

It’s usual for the type of application which is developed with “Cross-Platform” framework. Photoshop seems to be implemented utility window not as Cocoa’s utility window, then some message handling might be complicated.

Anyway, I got workflow on Photoshop.

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