Thanks for all your celebration words for my second novel ORBITAL CLOUD publication.  Launch date was in 21st March, 2017.


And today, VIS Media disclosed interview by my editor Nick Mamatas.


As I told this interview, I wrote about my friends on this novel.  Protagonist is based on wild space geek and of-course my friend Isana Kashiwai,  and villain’s skills are based on mine.  I started to write this novel in 2012, not published my first novel Gene Mapper on Kindle, then I was not a writer on that time by external view.  It was started from so-callled wannabe work, and might be finished as so.   If my editor Satoshi Ide belongs to Hayakawa-Shobo didn’t made it professional work.

First publication of ORBITAL CLOUD was hot collaboration with Ide.  He ordered me to cut 30% of first draft (256,000 words in English) in 3 weeks.  On this cut, I removed 4 characters based on my experience with suggestion by Ide.  That made novel to be sharp.  Ide felt those chapter was so “sweet”.

2nd publication is Japanese paperback edition, it is called 文庫:Bunko (means literature archive).  Editor Shiozawa offered me to cut several  “dens ex machina” and character to character evaluation.  Character should show their talent, behavior and conflicts on their action by themselves, not dialogue by another ones.

And now,  I got final editor Nick Mamatas and translator Timothy Silver.  I’m not good English reader but I read through my re-born novel in 4 days, it made me so surprised.  They made real page turner novel based on my work, with strong respect for original work.  Many parts keeps original paragraphs, and changes are done for only necessary parts.

Thanks for all great editors.

I promise you to enjoy ORBITAL CLOUD.

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