Making Tether site with WordPress

I’ve started to write a novel since November, and almost got final draft.  This is first time to write and publishing novel, and there’re no best-practice to publish e-books by person in Japan.  Then I don’t have enough knowledge how to marketing my great novel.

Seems to be too much, I’ve bought domain-name for my novel.

I’m going to open how I prepare e-books publishing flow in this blog.  I hope you feel those to be interesting in.
In these days, I’m making account on Google Books Partner ProgramKindle Direct Publishing and iTunes as publisher.  Through this account making guidance, these reseller required “Web Site URL”, I decided to make my working wordpress site to be tether mode, “Coming Soon”.
There are tons of merits for WordPress, thousands various modules is one of the best merit.  I enjoyed to select module to show good maintenance mode from dozen candidates.
Finally, I selected WP Maintenance Mode, because raw HTML implanting capability with using WordPress media and shortcodes.
Of course, I’m writing novel in Japanese.  If you interest in publishing this in English, tell me 😉

Pin-hall projection via foliage

In “Why a pin-hall throws ring eclipse on wall?”, I only told about simple pin-hall projection but did not tell more interesting phenomenon thrown by foliage.

To understand why foliage throw interesting pattern, I suggest for starting by pin-hall size and projected image blur.

Following figure shows a model of 2 different hole project each ring eclipse image on left wall. Far-side hole which throws blur circle is 10 times bigger than near one which project ring eclipse.

2 Red line show the light passing area to center of projected light image. Large hall make light pass and mix whole eclipse light for center of image. On the other hand, small hole only pass moon shadow for center of light image.

Looking at green lines, which show the area can see from edge of light image. Large hall pass amount of half light, and small hole only pass sun-light peeks from moon.

Now you get pin-hall should enough small to throw sharp image for wall. In correctly, hole should smaller than appeared size of light.

From surface of our sphere, the Earth, angular diameter of Sun is 32’=0.53 degree, we can calculate how our foliage pin-hall where placed 10m above ground should be smaller than by following expression.

sin(0.26 deg) * 10 000mm = 45.37mm

OK, this means when a gap made by layered leaves was smaller than 45mm, ring eclipse throw its fantastic image on ground.

I’ve made a sample ring eclipse projection image made with ray-tracing method.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt bankruptcy

Tough I’m not familiar oversea’s publisher, news reports that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing bankruptcy beat me.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Files For Bankruptcy

If HMH was just publisher which tends paper books like Japanese ones, bankruptcy is inevitable.  But my met HMH shows as they’ve changed themselves for digital contents which are e-learning, e-books platform and software publishing company.  And Their e-learning challenged to publish localized learning books on each countries.

In Japan, HMH is known as publisher which has “The Road of the Rings” or “Curious George”, and this bankruptcy will be reported that “Old, famous book publisher announced bankruptcy”, and “alliance with giant company, Amazon Publishing contracted in January did not help” their sales.

At least for my understanding, HMH is not a stereotype publisher, even if their move was not so quick, but their aim which are localized e-learning contents, having e-books platform seemed correct.  Then their bankruptcy push me to move more quickly.

English entries for this blog

Now, this blog has english translations.

Almost entry are written in Japanese at first, and when translated, /en/ directory added Permalink will provides translation automatically.

Why pin-hall throw ring eclipse on wall?

As providing this smooth way, I installed alpha version of WP I18n, which is forked from WPML GPL version existed in past.  I don’t have knowledge which part is extended in this WP I18n project, workflow of WP I18n is very clear  and works fine.

Considering this is based on commercial product, I’ve succeeded to install without complicated process, and can post translated entries.  Permalink style is selectable from legacy “?lang=” postfix, “/en/” inserted or customized.  And there are many important feature for multilingual site are implemented like skipping non-translated entry, multi translator assignation, translation work tracking… It’s enough.

Currently, WP I18n steps on Alpha version.  I’m looking forwards project committer to provide beta or release version in future.

Why a pin-hall throws ring eclipse on wall?

At last day, 21st, May 2012, we enjoyed ring eclipse event in Japan.

Differ from 2010 Total Solar Eclipse, many mass-media and social-media announced not to look sun directly, via lens without correct equipment for escaping warns eyes, and media told how to enjoy eclipse with eclipse glasses and pin-hall projection.

Thanks for their media’s announcement, pin-hall projection is now common sense for Japanese, but I couldn’t find out why ring projected by pin-hall projection.  Then, I decide to post this entry.

Thinking why sun-light is thrown for walls through pin-hall, may makes child to be confused, then I try to explain reversely, with “Ray-Tracing” method, which is major way to make photo realistic computer generated graphics on movie.

In Ray-tracing method, starting point is projected wall.  Each part of wall receives a single ray from pin-hall in pin-hall projection box.  If pin-hall box is not closed, each part of wall receives huge number of rays from everywhere around, but in closed pin-hall box, we only need to consider a ray from pin-hall.

Start to track ray backward straightly from each part with expanding line from part of wall to pin-hall.  Rays which starts some parts hit sun, other may hit moon and many hit on anything.  With sampling some times, you will get a ring (or 2 lighten area on profile model) projected on wall.