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Almost entry are written in Japanese at first, and when translated, /en/ directory added Permalink will provides translation automatically.

Why pin-hall throw ring eclipse on wall?

As providing this smooth way, I installed alpha version of WP I18n, which is forked from WPML GPL version existed in past.  I don’t have knowledge which part is extended in this WP I18n project, workflow of WP I18n is very clear  and works fine.

Considering this is based on commercial product, I’ve succeeded to install without complicated process, and can post translated entries.  Permalink style is selectable from legacy “?lang=” postfix, “/en/” inserted or customized.  And there are many important feature for multilingual site are implemented like skipping non-translated entry, multi translator assignation, translation work tracking… It’s enough.

Currently, WP I18n steps on Alpha version.  I’m looking forwards project committer to provide beta or release version in future.

Why a pin-hall throws ring eclipse on wall?

At last day, 21st, May 2012, we enjoyed ring eclipse event in Japan.

Differ from 2010 Total Solar Eclipse, many mass-media and social-media announced not to look sun directly, via lens without correct equipment for escaping warns eyes, and media told how to enjoy eclipse with eclipse glasses and pin-hall projection.

Thanks for their media’s announcement, pin-hall projection is now common sense for Japanese, but I couldn’t find out why ring projected by pin-hall projection.  Then, I decide to post this entry.

Thinking why sun-light is thrown for walls through pin-hall, may makes child to be confused, then I try to explain reversely, with “Ray-Tracing” method, which is major way to make photo realistic computer generated graphics on movie.

In Ray-tracing method, starting point is projected wall.  Each part of wall receives a single ray from pin-hall in pin-hall projection box.  If pin-hall box is not closed, each part of wall receives huge number of rays from everywhere around, but in closed pin-hall box, we only need to consider a ray from pin-hall.

Start to track ray backward straightly from each part with expanding line from part of wall to pin-hall.  Rays which starts some parts hit sun, other may hit moon and many hit on anything.  With sampling some times, you will get a ring (or 2 lighten area on profile model) projected on wall.


  1. Happy launching rocket!  SOYUS TMA-04M is on way to ISS today.

Two Russians and an American blasted off in a Soyuz spaceship headed for the International Space Station Tuesday, overcoming more than a month’s delay caused by problems with the Russian aircraft.

Read more:http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/soyuz-tma-04m-blasts-off-for-space-station/458553.html#ixzz1uvzAPp1a
The Moscow Times

Our Sphere event chases these two satellites.

You can share this 3D sphere and 2 orbital elements on your web with following code, and share with simple url.

<iframe src="http://oursphere.info/widget.html?event=true" width="500" height="500"></iframe>


Orbit update

  • √ 15, May 11:00(GMT) : Updated TLE after Orbit 3 operation
  • √ 16, May 03:00(GMT): Updated TLE
  • √ 16, May 05:10(GMT): Update TLE of ISS
  • √ 16, May 13:20(GMT): Update TLE of SOYUZ
  • √ 17, May 00:30(GMT): Update TLE of SOYUZ and ISS
  • √ 17, May 04:00(GMT): Docking sequence
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