Pentacolore Revolution

Contributed a novellete PENTACOLORE REVOLUTION for Japanese literature magazine Shosetsu Gendai.

In 2019, I woke up and found his staying hotel in Bangkock was surrounded by the Red shirts Demo, which should be arrived 4 days later, many source said.  Bangkock was lockouted and was occupied by four organizations with different color flags.  Red farmers, blue citizenship party, orange monks and green army.  I decided to stay in hotel until safe route for airport was found…


This is personally romance style story set in near future, based on my experience in 2010 Thailand Red shirts Demo.  On that days, I faced many difficulties with discussing about politics with our employee staffs in Bangkock.  7 years ago, I only confused why my staff did not care seriously farmland people’s demo.

Now, after Tramp presidency started, I might got an answer, and wrote this small story.  I hope PENTACOLORE REBOLUTION to be translated in English in future.


This post is also available in: 日本語

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