Rakuten passed chance to merge e-bookstore

Japanese leading EC company Rakuten had started Kobo on this July though they’ve launched another e-book store Raboo in last August, just 11 month before.  President Mikitani told Rakuten will merge Raboo and Kobo at the time of acquiring Kobo in last November.

I hoped Rauten to be the first company to merge e-books platform and to hand over customer’s assets.  If Rakuten completed merging operation, they could demonstrate how to merge e-books assets with acquiring another company.  Rakuten had unique chance to merge service.

But Rakuten decided to just kill Raboo.  Only small number of coupon will be handled current raboo customer.

If Rakuten completed merging Kobo and Raboo, Japanese too many e-book’s market could be merged into Rakuten in these years.

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