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If you want to have authentic Japanese-Japanese dictionary, Kojien 6th App is the solution.  You, studying Japanese, may know thousands of Kanji is the key for understanding Japanese.  Kojien 6th’s hand-drawing Kanji search function helps non Japanese native speakers to find target Kanji easily.  Head, tail search query allow Hiragana input.  Kojien 6th is fully functional Japanese-Japanese dictionary, but it’s not the reason that I suggest.

Kojien 6th has brand like Britannica Encyclopedia.  Differ from Britannica, Kojien has only 50 years history, but publisher Iwanami Shoten stands unique position of Japanese literature world, and Kojien is their iconic dictionary.

Kojien 6th’s price is same with paper edition, and it’s App size reaches 1GB ( then you should have 2GB blank space on your iPhone).

I’m in final phase of proofreading for my Si-Fi novel “Gene Mapper“, and Kojien 6th is most useful buddy for defining words.  Proofreading novel is routine work of small decision to selecting words, and Kojien gives me a reliable perspective which is not provided by other dictionary.

I hope Iwanami Shoten to go digital first publisher like Britannica Encyclopedia.

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