Sasquan report (in progress…)

I’ve joined on 73’s WorldCon Sasquan and read, discussed, told and collaborated with many peoples as following schedule.

Items in which Taiyo Fujii participates

20th, Aug

I read my first English translated book “Gene Mapper” which was published 16, June (yap, it’s blooms-day!) for 7 audience.  I read chapter 1 in English paragraph and read original Japanese ones alternately, introduce plot, and then read chapter 3 in English. Ch-3 is my most favourite scene where Yagodo appears with dog avatar, and shows Internet-sunk Gene Mapper world clearly.

Reading mark on Gene Mapper
Reading mark on Gene Mapper

I’m not good English reader then I marked up on my book for supporting my reading.  And I trained with supporting Alex you know (if you are Mac user).  I hope audience enjoyed well.

By the way, reading is not popular in Japan.  My first reading event was held in 3 days before 16th, Aug at Borderlands Books at San Francisco with Michael J . Martinez (@mikemartinez72).  I don’t know the reason why Japanese don’t have reading event.  We have table talk discussion event with readers, critics and another authors at store to promote books, but not read.  If we Japanese heard 朗読(Rou-doku / reading), we imagine pure literature event to read masterpiece.

After those 2 reading, I became to wish to have more reading event.

21, Aug


22, Aug


23, Aug


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