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I’ve started short story serials titled TALES of BITTEN APPLE on paper magazine “Mac Fan“.  In Japan, traditional paper magazines are surviving in several genre.  One of the longest survivor is Mac Fan which is launched in 1993.  Beautiful A4 magazine delivers not only Macs but also iPhone, iPad and another Apple’s news, but had not shared pages for fiction until my serials started during 23 years.

Mac Fan shared me a spread pages, which contains only 3,000 letters ( almost 1,500 words ).  It is short for my dense information style, but I guess that genre speciality magazine readers allow gadget words, and decided to start.  It is not necessary to describe how new iPhone model is, how Apple Pay works, and how Mac is far differ PCs or Windows.

Stories share main character and complete in each articles.  Odd number’s stories are set in 2025, and main character is Hachiya, who were Genius of Apple Store GINZA.  His friend brings clients and to offer him to fix old Apple products.  Because Hachiya stories are set in 2015, iPhone 6 could be handled with nostalgia.  Even number’s stories are set in these days, and main character is Jumbo, who is illegal trader handles Apple products.  I don’t have idea to connect Jumbo and Hachiya stories in future.  Even Hachiya setting are 2020, these works are not science fiction. 1st episode is like that …

When Hachiya got Malaysia airline to go San Fransisco to sell restored dozen of iPhone 6s for “old” Apple products fans, an announce froze him.
“Is there … on plane, Is there an Apple Genius on plane?”  And air martial stood in side of him, and whispered “This plane is hijacked, by old Apple phone… iPhone.  Come with me”…

Illustrator of this serials is 灯夢 (Tom) who belongs to DIGITALNOISE which is solution provider for comic artists in Japan.  I love her picture book style illustration.

I hope TALES OF BITTEN APPLE to translated in English in future.

This post is also available in: 日本語

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