1. Happy launching rocket!  SOYUS TMA-04M is on way to ISS today.

Two Russians and an American blasted off in a Soyuz spaceship headed for the International Space Station Tuesday, overcoming more than a month’s delay caused by problems with the Russian aircraft.

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The Moscow Times

Our Sphere event chases these two satellites.

You can share this 3D sphere and 2 orbital elements on your web with following code, and share with simple url.

<iframe src="" width="500" height="500"></iframe>

Orbit update

  • √ 15, May 11:00(GMT) : Updated TLE after Orbit 3 operation
  • √ 16, May 03:00(GMT): Updated TLE
  • √ 16, May 05:10(GMT): Update TLE of ISS
  • √ 16, May 13:20(GMT): Update TLE of SOYUZ
  • √ 17, May 00:30(GMT): Update TLE of SOYUZ and ISS
  • √ 17, May 04:00(GMT): Docking sequence

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