TouchID for Mac, MacID

I had a dream, when I leave Mac, it could be automatically locked.  Now, MacID solves.

When my switching for OS X from MacOS was finished in 2002, I tried to move KeyChain file which is password bundle from iBook’s HDD to USB drive with reading Create a physical, removable USB-based Keychain [].  It was a pretty good  idea, but I faced many problems.  Locking keychain was easy and work well, just remove drive physically. But recovering KeyChain made me input master password.  To type passwords frequently was not my hope.  And many applications uses password cache on their own file, then Web, FTP, e-Mail, telnet and another client was able to login with my account even KeyChain had removed from HDD.  Then I turned my policy to lean on locking screen.

And I used to be worried to type password actually for years.  If I look around nobody are trying shoulder surfing in front of locked Mac, ID thieves might aim me.  “He is going to type password”.

After iOS supported TouchID, I consider to unlock Mac with my iPhone.  MacID solves my idea and more.

MacID locks and unlocks Mac by distance of iPhone with using Bluetooth radiation strength.  Just going away from Mac, MacID locks, and getting back made Mac awake.  In fact, MacID is not secure designed software as itself.  It stores master login password and type-in password field with using OS event.  But smooth experience made my computing to be secure totally.


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