Why I use Gumroad for payment

I published “Gene Mapper” yesterday.  Thanks for some friends helped me, especially Isana.  Thank you very mach.

Gene Mapper release note.

I decided to use Gumroad, which is unique digital contents dedicated settlement service, for payment service to sell Gene Mapper ebooks.  When an author thinks to publish their ebook, they will register ebooks on giant channel like KDP, iBooks, Kobo Writinglife or Google Plays at first, and then they will consider to publish their books for local small ebooks publishers, Bunraku or Puboo in Japan.

I’ll regist Gene Mapper for giant channels but not for local publisher to sell Gene Mapper.  Because I don’t hope person want to read my books to register their personal information on unnecessary service.

This simple policy is the reason to use Gumroad.

Gumroad is very unique settlement service, which does not require buyers information.  Buyer only set email address and credit card information. Name, address or gender are not required by Gumroad.  Yes, even card holder name is not required.

And Gumroad satisfied PCI Service Provider Level 1 provider level security already.  I consider they don’t hope to keep unnecessary buyer’s information in their start up phase.

These two are the reason to use Gumroad.

I also considered to use PayPal, but I found many friends don’t have account of PayPal.  If a person to face PayPal payment without account, they should sign up with sending name, address, phone, gender, age….  just to read an ebook.

I’ve wrote the reason to use Gumroad, and I understand I force this policy to customer, then I’ll solve information not to feel inconvenient or difficulty to pay it.

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