Writing a novel with iPhone

As I’ve wrote on release-note of “Gene Mapper”, this Si-Fi novel was writen almostly with iPhone.  Yes, iPhone.  My writing desk is my palm during commuting to office, because I’m not dedicated author.  One-hand typing without watching into screen featured iPhone was and is the best writing tool until finishing to write 100,000 character’s novel.

There are Apps for novel writing, but only a few apps are use-full.  I’ve tried about 50 Apps, but only 4-5 apps are used to write Gene Mapper actually.  I start to introduce there good partners on this blog.

 First of writing, I wished to look vertical writing mode.  Of-cource vertical writing mode supporting Apps are made by Japanese developers and there are 4-5 apps supports vertical previewing.  I decided to use iText Pad.  iText Pad supports AOZORA ruby markdown, which is popular Japanese novel marking method.  And iText Pad shows vertical writing on traditional draft paper grids.  This make me to be an author.

iText Pad supports Japanese famous IM (Input Method) ATOK, but I did not use it because detailed feeling was differ from standard iOS interface.

iText Pad can search/replace, saving files onto DropBox and iPad version.  I used to preview and proofing with iPad.

And I stopped to use iText Pad at the time when Gene Mapper text reached to 10,000 chars.

iText Pad does not support chapter and section.  However iText Pad can add bookmark, DropBox syncing remove it.  And even text file, 10,000 chars are not enough small to sync manually.  I got to miss operation and overwritten by older file.  And iText Pad does not save text by UTF-8.  Vietnamese couldn’t save.  These are reason to quit iText Pad.

I don’t have idea why Japanese writing apps does not have Chapter feature, but nothing is nothing.  I started to find writing tools developed by non-Japanese developer.  And this long and winding tale will be told on this blog.

Anyway, iText Pad was cool, it made an author who wrote great Si-Fi novel.  That beautiful rendering made me an author and made me to keep to write.  I thank Michiaki Yamashita, who developed and shared his cool app on iTunes.


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  1. Juan, Japanese keypad of iPhone is truly differ from your knowing one. It’s slick to thumb flicking input.

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