MacFUSE core最新バイナリ(0.2.2)

MacFUSE 0.2.2 (February 25, 2007)

  • Fixed a bug which, depending upon the size of a file being read, and the user/kernel buffer sizes involved, could lead to the tail of the read data being zeroed.
  • Fixed a bug that could trigger the “vnode reclaimed with valid fufh” panic.
  • Added a workaround allowing better Finder support for copying files and folders to an ACL-enabled MacFUSE volume. Note that even with this workaround, there are some remaining Finder issues on ACL-enabled volumes.
  • New option: ‘noapplespecial’. When enabled, Apple Double files (the ones that begin with the dot and underscore characters) and .DS_Store files will become inaccessible/invisible/un-creatable within a MacFUSE mount. You won’t even see them in a directory listing. You will also not be able to create a file or directory that begins with dot-underscore (except for the 2-character dot-underscore literal itself). I personally am not too excited about this option, but here it is in case somebody wants to experiment. I haven’t tested this, especially in how it might affect the Finder and other applications. Use at your own peril.
  • New option: ‘nosynconclose’. Requires ‘nosyncwrites’. Unless you understand exactly what it does, please don’t use it. If you have to ask what it does, please don’t use it.

macfuse – Google Code: MacFUSE 0.2.2より

へぇ、nonapplespecialオプションの追加かぁ。「._」から始まるApple Doubleと.DS_Storeを作れない、アクセスできないようにしてみた。実装は本意でないけど実験してみたいならどうぞ、という感じ。



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