Pretty good Twitter Client for Mac OS X ”P3: PeraPeraPrv”

I’m using pretty good twitter client called “P3 (PeraPeraPrv)”.

Official site is following.


P3 has 4 message list view for browsing twitter comments.

  • Timeline list
    • Timeline list shows all list after you launched. It is able to switch compact list between normal view. Normal view shows twitter icons and several lines. Compact list shows snipped 1 line comment.
  • Reply message list
    • It is able to keep all list of reply message to you.
  • Live searched message list
    • Like spotlight, you can list selected user and search keyword up in timeline view. If you have 100 or more followers, you might be satisfy with reading your “real” friend’s comments.
  • Search messages
    • And also, P3 can search and list messages with searching keywords temporary. If you have dozen hundreds of followers in order to gather information, this function will help you.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

This small client application is JarBundle application.

Author lynmock made jar application and I packed into .app application and icon:-).

Lynmock struggles to keep this application smooth though there are several bugs in Java at Mac OS X.

You’ll find some problem at a glance especially P3 require “Tab” with posting message. But this limitation makes me good rhythm for posting.

I love this small application to live in twitter.


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