Zip Quick Look Plugin

昨日リリースしたFolder Quick Look Pluginに続いて、Zipファイルの中身をリスト表示するZip Quick Look Pluginがリリースされました。

連日おつかれさまです> xddさん。

zip viewer Quick Look plug-in

  1. インストール
  2. 使用方法
    インストールが終了したら、ファインダーでフォルダを選択してスペースキーを押し、Quick Lookを起動してください。
  3. 各種機能
  4. カスタマイズ


  • 11/25リリース
  • credit

Developper: xdd

Interface Design: taiyo

Folder Quick Look Pluginともども、お楽しみください。


  1. This is very Nifty! I had just been thinking I’d like a .zip QLgenerator, and Boom! there it is! The Folder QL will also be useful. I appreciate your doing this with user-modifiable html, a very nice idea.
    I have subscribed to your RSS feed. Thank you for the English; I could understand some of the Japanese but it would be VERY slow, and your English is very clean and readable.
    Many thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment says my English is not bad:-). I have no experience to live in English country (only 2 weeks).

    xdd and I are discussing about next release for more convenient localize and so.

  3. Hi NilColor,
    Leo will change your computer life like as mine was changed completely.
    Apple staffs did best job expect Quick Look folder view:-).

  4. このプラグイン作ってくれてありがとうございます。

  5. それで、インタフェースデザインは最高ですよ!本当にアップルのようです。

  6. >Eric
    xdd is working to find the way to support other archive files. And I’m making interface for more better user experience with handling archives.
    You’ll see contents in tar files soon… I hope:-).

  7. Very nice plugin! Would be great with other archive support, like RAR, ACE, BZIP, etc… Any evolution? 🙂
    Cheers from Switzerland!


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